Helping Your Child Transition to a New Daycare When You Are Moving

Children often form quick bonds with friends they meet in daycare, and these bonds are broken if you move away. However, it is possible to help your child transition away from an old daycare and into a new one in a new town.

Saying Goodbye Their Last Day

Go with your child to the last day of daycare and throw a small party in their honor. Cake, cookies, ice cream, and small presents can all be brought by you and other parents. This creates a fun, engaging, and memorable last day for your child, one that their friends in daycare will not soon forget.

The toughest part of the last day is going to be the emotions your child will feel when they get home. After the excitement and rush of the party wears off, they're going to feel a little sad. Talk to them about this and let them know it is okay to feel sad when you're saying good bye to your friends. But also let them know it is possible to stay in touch after saying goodbye.

Writing Letters to Their Friends at the Care Center

On the last day of the child's daycare before you move, talk to their friends' parents and get their addresses. In this way, your child can continue their friendships by writing letters. You can also ask for e-mail addresses or other digital information if you think your child would be better able to handle a digital format.

Of course, a preschooler isn't going to be able to write. However, they can dictate a letter to you asking how their friend is doing and telling them what they're up to in their new home. Make sure to carefully steer your child in a strong, positive direction to create a great letter and to help instill an early love of writing.

Taking Them to the New Daycare

After you've settled into your home and have decided on a new daycare, take your child there and introduce them to their new friends and caregivers. Talk to the caregivers and let them know your child is going through a transition period and that they might need a little extra attention. Let the caregivers know that your child likely misses their old friends and is ready to meet some new ones.

Spend a few hours there in the daycare with your child and interact with them and new potential friends. Encourage your child to open up and play in positive ways with their new friends. In this way, they can feel more comfortable in their new environment when you leave.

Following these guidelines will create an easier transition for your child and avoid the kind of negative feelings that come with moving. This will help them settle into their new daycare more quickly and give you the chance to relax.

If you're looking for a new daycare, contact care centers like Rainbow Montessori in your area to schedule visits. 

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