3 Tips To Help With Daycare Drop-Offs In The Morning

For many children, the transition from being at home full-time to going to daycare can be rough. Fortunately for you and your child, he or she will become accustomed to going within several days. Here are some tips to help your little one handle the morning time drop-off to a daycare like Small World Early Learning & Development Center

Allow Enough Time to Prepare

The addition to your morning schedule of dropping off a child to daycare means you have to accomplish more within a certain amount of time. When your family is pushed to rush out the door, your little one can experience anxiety, which makes drop-offs more challenging.   

If possible, start your day 15 to 30 minutes earlier so that there is more time to properly prepare for the day. Getting up earlier means that your little one will need to be in bed sooner, so be sure to adjust his or her schedule accordingly. You can use the extra time after your child has gone to bed to organize some of the things that are needed for the next day. 

Create a Morning Routine

Children respond better to situations when there is a routine. The routine lets your child know what he or she can expect to happen in the mornings and also helps set the standard for what you expect of him or her. As your child becomes used to the routine, you will not have to micromanage every step required to get out of the door each morning. 

Some parents use charts to help children identify what is expected. Your child can mark off daily tasks as he or she finishes them. You can use pictures for the tasks and stickers to mark off each day's completion. As an added bonus, you can give your child a reward at the end of the week or on a monthly basis to celebrate his or her working to get out of the door on time each morning. 

Establish a Drop-Off Routine

You can carry the use of a routine to your child's child care facility. For instance, you can walk your child into his or her class, help put away any belongings, and walk your child to the area his or her spot in the room. Be positive while going through the routine with your child. Your child can detect whether or not you are nervous about dropping him or her off. 

Before leaving out of the room, be sure to say goodbye. You want your child to know that you are coming back for him or her later in the day and that being at the child care facility is a good thing. Do not linger though. The longer you hesitate, the harder it will be for your child to see you leave. 

Daycare drop-offs can be challenging, but with patience and time, your little one will soon be racing you out of the door. 

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