Trying To Find New Things To Teach Your Pre-School Children? 3 Fun Ways To Introduce Art

When it comes to kids, it's never too early to introduce them to the arts. Studies have shown that art helps children learn to think creatively. If you provide child care, you can introduce art to the kids you care for. In fact, you can teach your children about all types of art. Here are three fun ways to introduce art to the children you care for.


If your children's naptime routine includes a story, you can use that time to introduce drama to them. Instead of merely reading the story to your children, get creative and act it out for them instead. Create your own persona for every character in the story. Help your children practice their dramatic abilities by acting out some of the characters themselves.

To add to the creativity, include costumes for the performances as well. If you're not sure where to get costumes, you can shop the after-Halloween sales in your local stores. You can also check out your local thrift stores for clothing and accessories you can use for your performances.

Music and Dance

Music and dance are fun ways to introduce art to young children. All you need to do is turn the music on and let your little ones do the rest. You don't even have to worry about choreography. Just let your little ones move to the rhythm. To add a new dimension to the exploration of music, provide musical instruments for your little ones to play. If you don't have the budget to invest in musical instruments, you can improvise.  Pots and pans can become drums, and an empty soda bottle filled with beans can become a maraca.

Visual Arts

Children love to express themselves. The visual arts allow your children the perfect opportunity to truly express their feelings. Even very young children can explore visual arts using various mediums such as crayons and water colors. To unleash your children's creativity, set up a small art studio right in your daycare facility. Set up a small easel in an area that is easily accessible by your child. Stock a bookshelf or small cabinet with art paper, paints and a variety of brushes. To help your child take pride in their work, display their art pieces throughout your home.

It's never too early to instill a love of the arts in young children. You can use the simple suggestions provided here to get your little ones involved in all types of art, including drama, visual arts, and music. Click here to learn more about quality child care.

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